Dental Implant Surgery With Sinus Lift

This is a live dental implant surgery with an open wall sinus lift and bone grafting. 2 dental implants are placed during this procedure. The implant surgery is performed by Dr. Alon Shifter from Israel.

The stages of this procedure include:
  • Creating a flap
  • Exposing the buccal surface of the maxilla
  • Making a window in the buccal surface of the maxilla
  • The bone is gently pushed up towards the sinus membrane
  • Drilling 2 osteotomies for the implants
  • Placing bone graft material into the space while pushing the sinus membrane up
  • Placing the implant: Motor first, then to final depth with a hand wrench
  • Removing the implant mounts
  • Placing cover screws
  • Placing a membrane to create a barrier between the soft tissue and bone graft material
  • Suturing the site

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what is the sinus lift and what is its purpose? 
I am curious as to what this term sinus lift is and what is its purpose?

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