Dental Implant Video - Live Surgery

The following dental implant video shows live dental implant surgery including a 4 implant placement (on the upper jaw back teeth), a Sinus lift and a bone graft that was performed during the placement of the implants.
Warning!!!!!! - the video is not easy to watch(Blood,cutting flesh,etc...). I strongly recommend not to watch this video if you plan to undergo dental implant surgery. As a patient you will not see or feel the surgery itself.

Note for dentists - In this procedure the dentist used the " Abrahami " drill guide kit which has been designed to enable the dental implant dentist to accurately locate and drill the holes of two or more consecutive dental implants with optimal spacing, angulation, and parallelism.

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Bone Graft? 
Why do they put in bone graft?

Levantamiento de piso de seno Not rated yet
No me gusto la tecnica . La tecnica que realizamos en nuestro consultorio es al abril la ventana del seno colocamos el implante y lueogo el relleno oseo. …

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