Dentist recommended a bridge for my two missing teeth

by Anna
(Trenton NJ)

Two years ago my Dentist recommended a bridge for my two missing teeth. She prep my two good teeth for that. She did root canals on them, I don't know why since there was no cavities or infection. She said it is better to do it this way(?) After many "bridge fitting" appointments she cemented it.

My bridge didn't feel right since the beginning and after about 8 months got loose. She told me to wait till it will get loose on the other side so she can take it off and re-cement it. So she did months later, but that didn't help much because my bridge got loose again and I got an infection in my gum on the side where bridge was loose.

Now shes telling me that I have to extract that tooth since there is something going on inside of my gum in the root area of that tooth and my teeth are to week now to support new bridge, and I need implants!

What should I do?
Who will pay for that?!

Who's fault is it since she was telling me that bridge was my best solution?

I'm devastated.

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Implants NEW
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Anna,

I don't know why she would have recommended root canals on those teeth unless there were very large, old fillings in them. If this were the case and she was going to need to prep them for the crowns, then the root canal may have been the extra step. It may be wise to get copies of your pre and post op xrays and have them taken to another dentist for a 2nd opinion.

It was unwise to leave a loose bridge on the teeth without correcting it. This allows bacteria up under the bridge so that the tooth under it can decay and become infected. This is your dentist's responsibility if they told you to not correct it.

If the tooth is mobile you may have gum disease and low bone levels. I would suggest speaking with an implant specialist to see if you are a candidate or not for implants. You may require some bone grafting.

If it were me, at least the information that I am getting from you (granted I do not see your x-rays or clinical notes, so there may be more information out there) I would be asking the dentist to correct it on his own dime.

Reply NEW
by: Eric

I don’t know whether bridge for two missing teeth is require or not. I think you have better to consult another doctor and share your doubts with him and make it clear. After that you could go ahead with better options. perch fishing lake erie

Bridge NEW
by: Lisa Samantha

In your case may be your dentist was sure about the bridge, that it was the better option. But after it got loose, she realized that it did not suit you at all. Anyways either there is miscommunication or misjudgment. Now you go and talk to her and if you feel right, ask her for refund nicely. There are many solutions for one problem just like, if you need your essay on time.

Now it would be best for you NEW
by: morris

Now it would be best for you to find a good dentist who has considerable experience. There are plenty of dentists around but you should always opt for the reputed ones. If you need a dentist Palm Harbor area then you should contact Dr. Paul Caputo.

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