Denture Implants Restoration

The process of restoring denture implants begins after the implants have been placed in the jaw bone by the dentist as described in dental implant surgery. After surgery, a period of at least 3 months is required to let the tissue recover and prevent further trauma.

Initially, the dentist will puncture a hole in the gum tissue right above the dental implants. Abutments will be screwed on top of the implants. An abutment is a metal connector, connecting the implant to the denture.

There are many kinds and types of connectors, most can be categorized in the 2 most common categories:

•Ball attachment – Ball shaped abutment connectors that connect to the denture by snapping/clicking into special female socket clips enabling a firm connection that retains the denture in place. In this category we can also find the mini dental implants which are small dental implants constructed with a ball connector on the top.

•Bar attachment/ Dolder bar :A connector of multiple implants designed to lend strength and to retain a denture. Special clips on the denture grasp onto these bars.

Ball attachment

Ball attachments - After fitting the ball attachments to the denture implants, the dentist will place the denture on them to measure and mark the spots where the female connectors will be placed. The dentist will then make the denture and permanently connect the female connectors to it.

He will then make the final adjustments needed to get a firm and stable connection between the ball attachment and the female connectors on the denture. Once finished, the patient can leave the dentist's office with his new, safely secured, dental implant mounted dentures.

dolder bar initial strings on abutment Bar attachment - After fitting the bar abutments to the denture implants, the dentist forms connections between the abutments. These connections will form the metal bar on which the denture is mounted and connected.

He will then take measurements of your teeth by making an impression (the process, in which the dentist takes this plate with blue play doh on it, sticks it in your mouth and tells you to bite on it and not move!).

Once this is completed the dentist will send the measurements to his laboratory for them to build the final connecting structure. When the bar structure is ready, the dentist will connect it to the implants and fit the denture on top of it.

metal cast bar

He will then make the clips that will fit on the denture and make the final adjustments needed to get a firm and stable connection between the bars and the clip connectors on the denture.

female clips

The final out come of this whole big process is a new beautiful confident smile!

More Images

Initial stage - no teeth bottom jaw

no teeth

Dolder bar mounted denture

Ball mounted denture

Final result

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