Dentures and Implants

by Julie F.
(Boston, MA)

About Dentures and Implants:
I've been wearing dentures(lower teeth) for 10 years now and I am looking into getting implants to hold the denture in place.
The problem is that i only have money for 1 or 2 implants(3000$).

What is the minimum amount of implants i need to hold the denture in place? Can i use implants-mini instead (they are
cheaper)? Should i wait till i have enough money for 5 -6 implants?

Julie F.

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Dentures and Implants
by: BD

The minimum amount of implants needed for a lower denture case is two implants. Two implants will be placed in the lower jaw and attachments are added to connect the denture to the implants usually using ball attachments or locators.

Four implants allow even more dramatic improvement in denture friction. While two attachments hold the denture in place, biting pressure is still on the soft tissues of the gums. Four implants allow placement of a sturdy metal bar that both holds the denture in place and supports it during chewing. The result is excellent function and comfort that rivals the natural teeth that have been lost.

Five or more implant is the ideal scenario of denture function. With this amount of implants, there is no pressure on the soft tissue during chewing food and there is no bone loss at all since forces of biting are transferred to the implant.

Unlike standard implants, mini implants allow immediate loading. This means that the patient walks out of the office on the day of surgery with a lower denture which is not only solidly stable, but can be used to eat immediately. Mini implants can often (not always) be placed in the lower jaw without cutting an incision in the gums. Patients can be fitted with these implants and begin using the newly stabilized denture immediately because these implants do not require months of waiting time to integrate. These implants are usually cheaper than standard implants but that will depend upon your Doctor.

Good Luck

Dentist Abroad
by: Katie

If its the price you're worried about why not try looking abroad. I got mine with Dentist Abroad and was surprised at the high quality service that came alongside cheap implants.

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