Dentures since 1973

Do you think it is a good idea to have two implants put in to support false teeth at the age of 59? I have had dentures since 1973.

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by: Anonymous

If you are interested in improving your life quality then it is probably one of the best ways to go,however make sure you see an expert.(oral surgeon,or periodontist)

Not sure about implants , many doubts
by: Anonymous

I am 47 and still not considering to have an implant. The more I read how it can complicate your health with implants I can see that it's not worth to risk for the vanity. Health risks are high when putting implants i am still not sold that it can be a better "quality" life.

I am some one who is wearing a single denture from a missing front tooth, I have many doubts and this is a huge thing for me to balance and play safe.
I am in great health and many symptoms can arise from implants, I am not willing to have this trade off..

I would like to hear good stories of implants as i've been hearing only horrible ones..again, we are all different individuals and with different dentists..

....Denture since 1973
by: Anonymous

Your concerns are very relevant and in place however your case is of an implant needed in the estethic zone.(apparently their is no loose of function and you can eat comfortably any thing even grand smith apple :)

Single tooth replacement by implant does not have the same effect on someone's life as moving from full denture to denture supported by implants.
it makes a huge difference.
I paid for my mom's dentures to be replaced by implants, she LOVED it and i can understand why.

Go for implants
by: Dr Farhan Durrani

Please go for implants if you feel your dentures are loose or if you are not satisfied with the retention of your denture.

Make sure your implant dentist is satisfied with your bone and you are not carrying any systemic disease

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