Do I need an implant?

by Sharon

I'm a 34 year old woman who has had a tooth removed from the lower back left. It's about two teeth in and was one of my molars.

I had it taken out because the root filling (which was a good filling) was getting regularly infected and eventually nothing was clearing it.

I've seen the implantologist and am booked in to have my implant done but, my question is whether I need to have this, or could just leave the gap.

visually you can't see the gap under normal circumstances so it isn't affecting my smile or self esteem. In terms of eating - I'm suprised that actually it has no impact at all.

The implantologist did however say that if I don't have an impact the two teeth either side of the gap will tilt into the gap and cause me other issues. Is this true?

It's a lot of money to have an implant and I also don't particularly want to have uncessary work irrespective of the cost!

many thanks


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What your dentist said was correct

What your dentist said was correct - as time passes there is something called physiological drifting of teeth ,this could become a problem later in life,then replacement of teeth will be a problem.

Once a tooth shifts ,all teeth adjacent to it ,upper and lower occlusion gets disturbed ,then food lodgment and caries starts ,now if your finances do not permit ,go for removable partial denture ,but somehow maintain that lost space

Speaking from experience
by: Anonymous

Definitely go for this procedure. I have the same thing where I don't have one of my molars, but mine is because my adult tooth didn't come in. The molars beside the gap aren't supported and one has definitely begun to collapse. Trust me, you need this surgery! It's literally pain free and totally worth it

How long?
by: rano

I am sure you should do this, but does anyone know how long should we wait until we implant after we loose the tooth, my dentist said 3 months minimum and maximum 5 months, is that true? As I am planning to get pregnant, can i wait until after delivery ??? please advice

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