Do I need three instead two?

by kina
(san jose, ca)


My lower dental bridge is broken, total are 6 teeth. I went to dental implant specialist for consultation, he suggested me to have three implant for new crown because two are not strong enough, do I need three instead two?

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6 units bridge
by: Anonymous

Your 6 units bridge failed and need replacement.
You did not mention the number of teeth it was supported by.
It sounds very reasonable that you will need 3 implants or even MORE in order to support a new 6 unit bridge.

For your peace of mind go get second opinion from another implant specialist ..


Needs support
by: Sharon B., RDH


Because of the spanse that this implant and bridge would need to cover (6 teeth) I would think you would need at least 3 (or even 4) implants to make it stable enough. Remember that you're going to be putting force on these teeth when biting. It is going to arch out and if there are only anchor teeth on the end, then what is going to happen when you bite something in the middle? There won't be anything under it to help support it and could cause stress on the 2 anchor teeth.

Go with more support to make it worth your while.
You would have to only have 2 and then for it to fail because there was not enough support.

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