Doctor said I needed a bone graft

by Precious

Hi. I had a tooth extraction 6 days ago. The tooth had a root canal and had a crown. The root canal failed. Anyway the doctor said I needed a bone graft. It's been 6 days now and I've done everything that was told I should do and not do. I feel like there's little bits and pieces coming out. I was told there's a membrane there to hold the bone graft.

My mouth feels gross and I feel some somewhat sticky residue. I asked the dentist about that and was told that's the membrane dissolving. How long before the membrane completely dissolves?

I also have stitches. When will that dissolve. My mouth just feels really gross and when I drink/swallow I feel like the area where the graft was done would move. I keep looking inside but all I see is white stuff. Is this normal?

I'm also on antibiotics and was reacting really badly to it(Doxycycline). I was given 200mg 2x day. I can't get a hold of them on Fri and so instead of stopping the antibiotics completely, I take just a 100mg tab once a day. Is this ok?

She said I don't have an infection, she said it's residual infection, not really sure what that means.

Anyway thanks and please help.

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Bone Graft
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Precious,

Never alter your antibiotic intake (discontinue them, etc.) unless you have an actual allergic reaction such as swelling or hives. If your stomach is simply upset, make sure you are taking it with a meal. It is common to have stomach irritaiton with medications and not taking it with food is the first mistake. By not following prescriptions as directed it can allow the infection and bacteria to become resistent to antibiotics. This is becoming a huge problem in the US as more strains are resistent each and every day.

Your symptoms sound very normal to me. Please allow up to 2 weeks following an extraction for healing time. It will not be instant. It is normal to also have small pieces of tooth come out following extractions. Continue following your home care instructions to a T and try not to mess with the area much so that the membranes will stay in tact and not cause a dry socket.

Give it another week and then you should see improvement. If not, call your dentist for a follow up.

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