Does bone loss commence immediately after fracture or after extraction?

by Salim Hassam

My tooth has broken and my dentist advised me to have a root canal. It is the main chewing molar on my upper jaw.

The tooth has been previously root canaled but not crowned.My financial sitution is dire at the moment but I would like to reduce the risk of bone loss.

When does the bone loss start? after the root has fractured or after it has been extracted? I am crrently rinsing my mouth with salted water to reduce the risk of infection. I want to buy time (about six months) before final eventual implant.

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Be careful - make sure your teeth are not infected
by: Dr Farhan Durrani

If you want to buy time ,make sure your teeth are not infected ,or else it might create problems ,I mean to say pus discharge ,pain etc
ask your dentist to remove the crown atraumatically,leave the roots to prevent bone loss,this was first option
if there is periapical infection below the root in IOPA then it may convert into abscess ,and swelling
which will become a headache for you, then please get it removed .
When you are financially ready get an implant or bridge.
Main point is if infection is present - bone loss will continue !
Get it out As Soon As Possible

Start of Bone loss
by: Salim Hassam

Thank you Dr Durrani for the very prompt and authoritive reply. It was greatly appreciated.

This is a new concept to me, to be able to extract the tooth with the roots still anchored in the jaw. Do I assume that the roots (3 in this case) will eventually need to be extracted before the implant or can the roots of the extracted tooth (some fractured) and the subsequent delayed implant co-exist ?

At my last visit to my dentist (2 weeks ago), he mentioned that one of his patints had a broken tooth just like mine (uncrowned but root canaled) and she has refrained from extracting the tooth for the past 25 years !!! She makes a lot of effort to keep the tooth clean. My dentist suggested that this is one of the options that I should consider. He also suggested regular salt water mouth rinses would help in keeping infection at bay.



Same day front tooth implant
by: Anonymous

One of my upper front tooth have been root cannaled. I put a crown about two years ago as it had some decay. Today the crown came off and notice that the tooth had broken because it had decayed.

I called a dentist who told me that I would need an implant. He says that he can not make an implant until the site of extracted tooth is fully healed. I can not have a missing front tooth. Can an implant be done that same day the front tooth is extracted? What options do I have? I would like some suggestion?

what is the maximum time to have implant after extraction ?
by: Rano

I had a tooth extraction 1 months ago,for how long can I maximum wait to have an implant? can I wait for 1 Year (max). Thanks

maximum tooth extraction of aperson in one visit to the dentist NEW
by: Belen Mancio

my sister inlaw 6 tooth was extracted by a quack dentist in just one day. what will be the effect to her health? especially the procedures was not properly done such as : unsterilized equipment, no surgical mask?we planned to file suit for their agreed fees was increased without her knowing. She was even summoned to pay the additional amount where in fact she paid already their agreed . It does not fit perfectly and causing her not to eat due to its swollen feeling. pls help me!

belon mancio NEW
by: jerry

quack dentistry exist i was the recipient of such

oops NEW
by: Anonymous

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