Does lengh of implant matter in strenth & strain?

by shreya

I am 30 years old girl, because of less bone availability I have bone graft & ridge split surgery & dental implant surgry for my front two teeth i.e. maxillary central incisor.Implant size is 4 mm in width & 7 mm in length. Now he suggested after the 3 months he can freely replace the implant by long implant i.e. by 10 mm length implant. Duration of placement of abutement will increase by 1 month. I want to know does it necessary for go another surgery for long implant? Does lengh of implant matter in strenth & strain of implant?

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Length of Implant
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Shreya,

The longer the implant, the more surface area there is for potential bone fusion inside of your mouth. In going from a 7mm length implant to an 11mm length implant you are gaining an additional 4mm that your bone structure can fuse with, improving the stability of the overall implant. The more support, the more the tooth can withstand everyday wear and tear. While it may only sound like a lot, a few millimeters is crucial when it comes to saving teeth and implants. As far as if another surgery would be required, yes. In order to remove one implant and replace it with another, the procedure would essentially be repeated start to finish. They cannot just be simply taken out and replaced with another, because of how much supportive tissue is involved.


7 mm is very short for resorbed maxilla which requires augmentation and spreading procedures for implant, implant length and width should have been decided initially ,who is going to pay for the second implant ,your treatment planning of the dentist is little confusing but your question of length ,yes more long more better but not more than 12 mm

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