Expensive implants replaced with cheap plastic ones.

Expensive implants replaced with cheap plastic ones:
I have a very huge problem. I had some major dental work done a few years ago and what the dentist did was put implants which were supposedly permanent and led me to believe they would last a long long time being that I invested almost twenty thousand dollars into them I had no choice since I did need them.

Shortly after the surgery they started popping off and ever since then all I did was things people do when they have dentures take them out clean them, use a load of polly grip and so on.

To make matters worse I finally had enough and decided to see a new dentist and asked for some rubber replacements that hold my implant in. What I got was some temporary plastic replacement teeth because he had broken my expensive ones!

Now I'm stuck and haven't heard from the man since. What should I do?

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by: Dr Farhan Durrani

With your explanation it seems your implant failed but then how can you make them stay with poly-grip (confusing word).
Any way just go for new conventional denture ,without any implants that is the best method right now

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