Extracted molars requiring space retainer

My daughters needed molars extracting and this was done. We were not told at the time that they would need anything else done, but after a check up, we are told that it is too late to fit space retainers now and costly work may be required in the future.
Is it too late to put them in now and should they have been put in straight away?
They were extracted in the last 12 months.

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Space maintainers
by: Sharon B., RDH

Yes, the space maintainers should have been put in months ago, after the extraction sites healed. The only way that space maintainers could be put back into the mouth at this point is if they had braces put on and move the teeth, to allow the permanent teeth to erupt. Because the space has closed, the teeth that need to erupt may become impacted and not erupt correctly. Orthodontics is how to go about correcting this problem. Space maintainers prevent the teeth drifting close together in that space after an extraction is performed and prevents the impaction of permanent teeth. Always be sure to see your dentist for follow up appointments after major procedures to make sure the treatment and healing is on target.

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