Extraction site tooth gap preservation

by BoogyV

Extraction site tooth gap preservation: How can I keep the distance/gap between the adjacent teeth of an extraction site(upper left 1st molar) for a future implant?

I cannot afford the implant yet but I know for sure it will be done somewhere in the future and I don't want a bridge done before that because it would mean destroying the 2nd premolar and 2nd molar.
Thank you.

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Space Maintainer
by: Sharon B., RDH


This is a wonderful question, because so many people fail to realize that placing an implant requires the adequate amount of space.

You have 2 options. The first would be to put in what is called a "space maintainer" (or band and loop) which is a metal band around one of the adjacent molars, with a loop of metal coming out from it and pushing into the other molar...keeping them apart. This is usually used on children during orthodontic therapy.

The other option is to have a removable bridge, or snap in bridge (made of anatomically colored acrylic material) that you can pop in to the area and act as a retainer. Even having a removable partial would work, but that could be more costly.

try a space maintainer NEW
by: kathy

Actually most people can maintain the gap naturally. By most i mean about 90 % people. But it is always best to use a space maintainer. It does not cost much but will feel a little uncomfortable. ICD 10 Codes

Tooth Gap NEW
by: Micale Thomas

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