Fallen screw

(Toronto, Canada)

I had a dental implant done three weeks ago where the oral surgeon put a screw, Now I have to wait a couple of months to make sure it heals. I felt good after two weeks and then suddenly today at a party the screw fell off and now I have a hole which is sensitive?

Is this common and what will the dentist do to fix it. Do I have to go for drilling and freezing again. What if it falls off again after the tooth is put? Should I ask the dentist for a refund and forget about it? What does this mean is it that the bone has rejected the screw?

I feel very sad that I have gone through pain, stitches,antibiotics and now the screw has fallen off ?

Any advice on this

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Fallen Implant
by: dr farhan durrani

Please try to understand that the screw is an implant which was drilled in your mandible or maxilla to give you a tooth.
An implant can be rejected by the body without any reason, it may be not be a dentists fault -
It is nature .
If you can't afford or again go through trauma of procedure of implant placement ,just ask your dentist other ways of replacement of teeth that are not invasive.
Hope this helps
Feel good.
Dr. Durrani

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