Fear of hitting the nerve!!!

by Crystal
(Columbus, Ohio U.S.)

Fear of hitting the nerve!!!

I have been in great distress for two weeks now over the fear of that nerve in my jaw being hit. I lost my crown over a 15 yr.old root canal. This is the third time it fell off, the second time I got a new crown, but it has not stayed on.

Now I have horrible decay left. I am due to have the tooth extracted in a few days, but I'm even afraid of that. It is tooth number #30, a molar in the lower right side. I want to use a mini implant instead, because I feel it won't be placed too far down. I do not like the idea of titanium stuck into my jaw and then not being able to being taken out easily if necessary.

Can I still just get a MINI IMPLANT?, what are my options here, and how do I research this surgeon. Nothing comes up from his name search, but my dentist says he did his implant. I really like the guys personality, I just need to know where I can go online to check him out?

my 3rd Q is, if you know any great surgeons for this job please tell me. I'm a mother of 5, my youngest being 9 months, so I need to be healthy and pain free to care for them after all of this.

please help me, I have been praying day and night over this.

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Fear of hitting the nerve!!
by: Anonymous

I hear your concern so close to my heart...
I do need an implant myself (my front tooth! whcih I've been using a single denture,that was 4 months ago. I kind of got used to it but of course would prefer not having to use it everyday..)

I'm also a mom with young kids and have big concerns about an implant hitting the nerve , causing damages and having sinus problems and diguised health issues related to an implant.. it's a risk I know, and i'm not so happy doing it.

I could not live with the regrets,I would love to hear what others have to say and advise from "experts", most I hear that it is safe, it is because it comes from the dentistry industry but, reaserching ayurveda medicine you can understand how an implant could complicate your health!

Please, keep me posted about your following up implant..I'm really scared about it too..

Hitting the nerve is rare
by: Dr Farhan Durrani

Try to get yourself a dentist from a dental school (if it is feasible). Mini implants are very small implants in diameter which are used mainly for overdenture. In your case you need proper implants with correct length and diameter.

If you can scan a picture of the tooth or an x-ray and then post it on this website I will try to guide you better.
Hitting the nerve is rare if everything is well planned ahead of the surgery.

Dental problems
by: Anonymous

Thanks to those above for your answers. I can not think of the implants right now, because I'm dealing with pain from the extraction of tooth #30 lower right 1st molar. It was badly decayed, and had to be broken to get out. Then bone graft done and reconstructive surgery I overheard.

So I'm trusting in God to bring me through this. They said to just take ibrophen, yeah right. The Vicaden is barely covering the pain, now my lower teeth are hurting also and hurts to talk. It is the third day and I'm praying each day gets easier to care for my kids. Husband cannot stay home anymore to help me, so I am in Gods hands now. This is the best place to be anyways. God can take care of any problem we have.

If anyone knows anything about lower bottom teeth hurting after an extraction let me know please. thanks.

af1 NEW
by: Miller

Nerves are actually complicated part of ones body and is not to be messed with at all. It is extremely painful and also very much discomforting when something happens to it in any part of the body. Make sure you avoid it. EMR Software

problem NEW
by: http://www.ukpaperwriting.com/

I can indeed understand your concern with the nerves being touched by the implants. It was a real problem for me too.

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