Fibrointegrated and osseointegrated implant

by Senior dental technician

what is difference between the fibrointegrated and osseointegrated implant?

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by: Sharon B., RDH

Osseointegrated implants are when the implant surfaces are fused with the surrounding jaw bone, as with titanium posts.

Fibrointegrated implants are the earlier forms of dental implants that are not commonly used today, as they are not as successful.

by: haythem abualsaud

hello sharon
thanks for your comment, i know fibrointegrated imaplant was an earlier form of dental implant, but What was its concept?

What is fibrointegrated NEW
by: Anonymous

I don't think this person should have attempted to answer the question since she just deviated off course and did not answer the main question.
Another "expert" calling himself Dr Sam did exactly the same when asked the same question (check it on Google). What is with the profession of dentistry and dental technology? Those who know say nothing, those who know very little won't shut up (sorry if this is a bit harsh, but it is true).

reply NEW
by: Cameo

This post on the dental implant was very much helpful to me when I was getting one. I decided to have a fibro integrated implant and this website helped me a lot to understand about the implants. Keep up the good work. Beverly Diamonds

Fibrointegrated NEW
by: Megan Tyler

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