Flap breakdown three weeks post op

Flap breakdown three weeks post op:
Three weeks post implant placement in the posterior mandible. Tissue became loose and bubbly with a serous type exudate. I x-ray eveidence showed no sign of implant failure. I opened the flap and exposed implant, tested them by tapping and placing a instrument into cover screws with no sign of mobility neither implant at this time showed any sign of failing.

Is it possible that it was jusr a soft tissue problem or are the implants going to fail?

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implant failure NEW
by: louis

I don’t know much about this. Actually I think this must be the problem of the implant failure. I said so because the same condition was there for my friend. However, when he checked at the dentist he said it was an implant failure.Beverly Diamonds Complaints

RE: Flap breakdown three weeks post op NEW
by: Ophelia Balan

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Flap breakdown three NEW
by: Anonymous

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