food issues post dental surgery

by Lannye
(Dallas Texas)

I had dental surgery about 2 weeks ago, my dentures were placed in my mouth at that time. everything has been good or okay other than I am having issues with chewing food. The dentures move around at this time so when I chew my gum gets pinched in my new teeth. So I know there is some stuff you can put on your dentrue which allows you to chew better.
Is it too soon to start to use that? I have problems even with soft food too?

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Food Problem
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Lannye,

If dentures are well-fitting and everything is structurally sound, there is no need or reason to use denture adhesives. For such a new denture it sounds like that something may need to be adjusted or re-checked by your implant specialist. It can take several weeks of wearing your dentures all-day before your mouth is accustomed to speaking and eating with them. Don't give up and be sure to see your dentist for an evaluation on how they are fitting.

by: David Long CDT

Dentures suck! They are just suction cups with teeth on them. If all the stars align right and everything fits perfectly you still will only get about 40% chewing function out of it and it will not stop bone loss. Start a paper route, collect cans, sell a kidney if you have to to get dental implants.

Dentures vs Implants
by: Diane C

I agree with David Long; dentures do suck. Only someone who doesn't wear them will tell you that it takes time, etc. to get use to them. I don't care what you do or how long you wear them they will never feel ANYTHING like your real teeth.I'm getting ready to get a fixed bridge on 4 implants. It's expensive but I no longer care; my life is horrible now with these dentures. Adhesive is the least of your worries. Use it if you can stand it.

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