Full teeth implants

by boykin mccaskill

Can you have implants if you have no teeth at all and wear dentures?

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Full Teeth Implant Question
by: Anonymous

yes you can have dental implants if you have no teeth. I had no teeth at one time myself and went for implants - it feels like I have my own natural teeth back. I'm able to enjoy myself again when I go out to eat. It's a joy. You should try and go for a consultation if you have not gone already. I am happy that I chose to have the implants placed and threw away my dentures. It is worth it.

Good Luck


Full Teeth Implants after 15+ years of crappy old Dentures!!
by: SnaggleTooth No-More!

Yes, you can easily get full-teeth dental implants like I got after wearing normal old traditional dentures for 15+ years.

My new teeth look amazing! Just try to get the 20% off discount by paying $1,000 down to kick in the deal, then pay the remainder in full at the time of your first 4 hour orientation. You get to walk away with new teeth (upper & lower jaws, or upper only or lower only - I guess it depends on what you need/want/can afford) on the very first appointment!

You don't have to wait 6-months to a year for the osseointegration of your full-mouth implants since they use the new patented technique known as "Nobel Biocare Immediate Function" implantation, allegedly it's a breakthrough system , it costs an arm and a leg. I was shocked when they said my bill would be $29,000(US) after the 20% discount to pay up-front. 29 thousand dollars for a set of fxxxxx dentures and a small bone graft?!?!

It hurt my retirement savings a bit, but my new porcelain dentures are beautiful, bright natural white, won't ever need replacing, are strong enough to let me water-ski using my teeth ;-)!! and I never have to take them out or use glue or anything so they're as good as brand-new. Everyone comments on my looks but they don't exactly know what's changed, they just say I look like a news anchor or actor. There's locations all over the nation with more opening soon.

Hope this helps, good luck and Go For It!

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