Full upper dental implants

by Pat
(Perth, West Australia)

I'm having full upper dental implants - 10 on four and had the implants and temporary plate put in on the 29th March 2012.

After the operation, my face was so swollen that my eyes were closed and I was totally unrecognisable for about 5 days, then the swelling started to subside.

Unfortunately, the sight in my left eye has now almost completely gone and I'm seeing an opthamologist re this who states that the eye itself is swollen with internal bleeding. I am now having injections into the eye every 3 weeks hoping that this might help. So far, it isn't

I also now have a small round bony lump on both cheekbones which concern me but both the surgeon and dentist are unavailable for another two weeks.

This could all be an unfortunate coincidence but worry that this is all connected and want the implants removed.

My speech is also affected but was waiting for the permanent structure before worrying about this.

Could you please help?!!

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This Doesn't sound right (or good) NEW
by: Diane C

I had 6 upper implants put in on March 19 of this year and 6 months from that date, I will get a bridge with 10 teeth. Everyone is unique, but I didn't have any of the problems you have mentioned. My gums were sore for a while, but now they are starting to just feel like a part of me. If I was having all the issues you are, I would RUN to the person that put in the implants and demand some answers.

Associated Problems NEW
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Pat,

I'm so sorry about the problems you've had. It is important to go with your gut instinct. You know your body better than anyone else does. While it could be just coincidence that these things are happening at the same time, I think the safe bet would be to have the implants removed before any fusing occurs. 2 weeks to be unavailable for an emergency visit with a DDS or an OS is an extremely long time. I would find another OS to evaluate your condition to get another opinion if your original OS is not accessible. This is urgent and should not be delayed.

dental implants NEW
by: David

the type of procedure that you had dome os not standard dental implants. they are 4to 5tikes longer called zygoma implants. This is an extremely difficult procedure with hugh risk reserved for patients with no bone and no hope. good luck and I hope you well but I would have loved off soup before letting someone do this to me

If I could Turn Back Time!!!! NEW
by: Pat Ferrara

Well, it's been over eighteen months since my implants were done and would absolutely, totally never advise anyone to undergo this procedure.

I was prepared for the pain, bruising, soup diet etc all of which was minimal. I was not prepared for losing the sight in one eye to which I have tried to get answers from my surgeon but so far,
e is not talking.

I have had so many tests done to see if there could be any other reason for this to happen but the doctors, opthamologist etc cannot find one.
They also say, that there is nothing that can be done to restore my sight.

Unless I go to great expense and hire a lawyer, I will never find out and constantly worry about my other eye.
I don't think that I can either afford to do this nor be able to stand a long drawn out court case.

If only I could turn back time - would never hhave had this done!!

Nightmare From Day One NEW
by: vikki

I have been dreaming of getting all-on-four dental implants for many years. I've worn dentures for 36 years. It took me seven years, but I finally save up the $28,000. I was very excited at each of the pre-surgery appointments, but when they gave me a mirror immediately after the surgery I was absolutely horrified! I didn't have much bruising or swelling. The dental lab had made my teeth twice the size they were supposed to be. I could not speak or eat for weeks while my dentist hurried to get another bridge made, but I also had another issue. The two implants I had in the back actually pushed out my cheek bones, and I have bumps on each side of my face that look like huge boils. One is higher than the other and my face has a skeleton appearance now when I had a lovely facial structure all my life. At first the oral surgeon said the bumps would go down, but I was weary since they were hard and not like swelling. It's now been over six months, and now he says the bumps will not ever go away. He actually stated "that's good they are like that because it shows the implants are holding well." I had implants for several reasons, and one was to improve my appearance. My face is permanently disfigured. I cannot speak without spitting, and I sound like Sylvester the cat. I cannot drink from a cup without spilling the contents down my chest. I cannot sing because all my air exists through the space above the bridge, and I absolutely hate that I cannot take this thing out and clean under it well. I seldom go in public, and I if I do I don't dare eat since my food goes right up under the bridge and I have to "tongue" it out after each bite. For ten years I had a dream that I would no longer have to worry about dentures. I'll spend the rest of my life in this nightmare.

god NEW
by: steve

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