Gap under implant bridge

I received nine dental implants 10 months ago. Everything has healed well and on Tuesday I had a four tooth bridge cemented to three implants. The back tooth is cantilevered because there wasn't enough space to place a fourth implant.(They are my four lower back teeth.) I had to wait three days for the cement to cure before eating on that side.

Now that I'm able to eat on that side, I've found there is a gap under implant bridge. It goes right through from one side to the other. I can get an interproximal dental brush through the gap very easily. The problem is that food gets trapped in there and I'm having to swish water around my mouth between each mouthful of food to dislodge it. Sometimes that doesn't work and I have to use the interproximal brush.

This is very annoying and not at all what I expected. Is it normal and if not is there anything that can be done about it? I don't want to be dealing with this for the rest of my life. Also, the molars above the implants are quite sore. I think this is probably because it's been years since they had anything opposing them.

Will this settle in time?
Thanks in advance for your help.

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Gap Under Bridge
by: Sharon B., RDH

It is anatomically normal to have a space under implants between the bridge and the gums. The implant bridge is obviously not going to be pressed into or under the gums like a natural tooth is. Too little space makes it difficult to clean around and can pose a risk for infection and implant rejection. I'm very happy that you are utilizing appliances like an interproximal brush to clean. You may also want to use a Waterpik or waterflosser as they are extremely efficient in plaque removal and work well around dental implants.

Your theory about the opposing teeth being sore is right...those teeth have waited a long time to have something to occlude against so now the ligaments around them may be slightly bruised. If your bite is a little high, the dentist may need to adjust the crowns some so that the opposing teeth aren't so sore.

Gap under implant bridge NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi Sharon,

Thanks for your reply. My dentist said the same thing - it's for ease of cleaning. He said I will get used to it in time. My opposing teeth have settled now and I'm able to chew normally for the first time in years. It's amazing!

wow NEW
by: Solani

Now this usually happens due to the expansion of the growth of the teeth in some people. it rarely occurs, but by doing as per said you can make it better, only problem is that you will have to undergo a bit of pain. Beverly Diamonds Complaints

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by: Sandali

Well! You have Gap under implant bridge which is natural. If am I not wrong then I think you can't fill this gap and if you try to fill the gap using different techniques then the chances avialable happen with you wrong. So, My suggestion is to you that that is fine. On the other hand, I need dissertation writer uk but i feel that say something about that post.

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Gap under the bridge hard to clean NEW
by: Anonymous

I got dental bridge recently at my lower back teeth. Everything went so well. While getting bridge my doc told me about the gap and cleaning. But problem is that gap is too small. I can't clean it with interdental brush and dental floss not gona help either. Someone recommended waterpik. I'm not sure is it going to work same way as interdental brush or flossing. I'm scared to get infection so don't want to force anything in it.

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