The general dentist

The general dentist is defined as someone who can evaluate, diagnose, and treat diseases or conditions of the mouth and surrounding tissue. They are considered g-dentists as they have not specialized in one of the more specific fields of dentistry, but he/she is also a qualified dental implant dentist (by law).

The most widely accepted requirements for qualification as a dentist are: 4 years of undergraduate study 4 years of post-graduate study in dental school 2 years of internship/residency in an educational setting

General dentist All dentists must be skilled in a wide range of disciplines to graduate from dental school and to get a license to practice. The g-dentist, as compared with the specialist, chooses which services he is interested in providing and which to refer to specialists.

The g-dentist does all of the examinations and procedures that are routine in the care of teeth, including fillings, oral surgery for extractions, root canal procedures, cosmetic dentistry with prosthetics (false teeth), general maintenance and in the dental implant procedure, they are most frequently called upon to perform the second stage which is the restoration stage.

Some g-dentists also chose to perform the dental implant surgery and the placing of the implants, for which they are qualified, while referring the more difficult cases to a specialist (such as a periodontist or oral surgeon).

Considering the great knowledge and broad array of professional skills of the g-dentist, choosing to get your dental implants with a well experienced one would be a great choice!

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