Get the implant, or else?

by John
(Las Vegas, NV)

My wife has just completed an implant procedure on #30, lower right molar. She is also missing the molar behind it, which I guess is #31.

The periodontist is advising she should get another implant there as well, because if she doesn't the upper molar directly above it will "come down" due to lack of support. With nothing there, the upper will just become loose and she will lose that tooth too. Is this true?

She doesn't want to go through it again, and her implant was very expensive for me as insurance doesn't pay much.

As it is she is going to need another implant or bridge on a tooth in the upper front of her mouth and that will be costly. So if it isn't necessary to place an implant where this molar is missing it would be a great relief, particularly since she doesn't want to bother with it anyway.

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No need
by: farhan durrani

please ask your dentist to refer carl misch book ,it is very tough to replace a second molar ,and it is not advisable too ,because of close proximity of inferior alveolar nerve and submandibular foramen ,chances of perforation of lingual cortex is very high
patient may have unnecessary complications with implant failure

pain NEW

All of these dental procedures are so painful I can only sympathize with your poor wife! What a terrible experience she had!

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