Go without teeth for a while?

I want dental implants on my upper teeth all of them on the top. if i do this can it be done all in one day or will i have to go without teeth for a while?

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by: Anonymous

They will put a temporary cap if they can't do this in one day. They should do this in one day. I am having mine done tomorrow and presently have a cap that looks like real teeth.

by: Anonymous

i did 11 implants 2mths ago,upper 6 and lower 5, going to do another 3 more implants . I'm without teeth for 2 months. The doctor did a fantastic job. I've a lot meetings but i covered my mouth with mask. Although the doctor gave me full set of denture yet, i preferred to go without teeth.

Felt very great and looking good and confident because the gums healed faster due to exposure and cleaning the implant with cotton bud.Every 2 weeks, will do the checking up.

Now I'm waiting for another 2 months to install my new set of teeth.

by: Anonymous

I Was hoping to find someone that had upper implants done..I was looking to see how much the "final" price was for the upper "teeth"
I have been searching to get this done and have gotten price from $4000.00 to $20,000 for the upper

Does anyone have any price on the upper "teeth"


by: Anonymous

for the whole upper teeth implant,the cost USD13,000.00.

Cost of Upper implants NEW
by: Anonymous

I replaced my entire upper for $23,000(Can.)which includes 6 implants and all the "hardware".

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