by ash

I was meant to have a root canel filling over two year ago and when I went to have it done my dentist took it back out and put some cotton wool in my tooth to stretch my gum so she could push the sticks up furrther and I never bothered to go back.

Now the other day I was sitting in my garden and the back of my tooth has come out , what will the dentist do as I'm only 16 I don't want to not have a tooth there at all!

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Follow Up
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Ash,

Unfortunately because you waited too long to have your tooth fixed correctly, your tooth sounds like it has begun to break down and come apart. Treatment should never be delayed as the condition can always worsen, even part way through the treatment.

See your dentist immediately to see if they can still place a crown on top of the tooth. If there is not enough tooth left to work with, they will need to extract the tooth and then you can consider placing a dental implant in the area.

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