Gum blistering at dental implant

by Elaine
(Key West, FL)

Gum blistering at dental implant:

I had a crown with rod placed about 9 months ago. After about 4-5 months my gum in that location had a swelling like a blister. It would periodically come and go but now it's there consistently. Occasionally it busts and sends blood into my mouth. There is no pain associated with this, just discomfort in that area. Also, there seems to be a different taste/feeling in my mouth all the time, as if I've just drank a glass of milk or eaten something like cream.

The procedure costs lots of money and lots of pain. I'm not feeling very trusting of dentists, as none of them in recent years have attempted to educate me before a procedure. Do you think I should pay to have this taken care of, or is it the dentists responsibility to fix the problem? I am unemployed and uninsured.

Thanks for your answers.

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Check the gum margins
by: Dr Farhan Durrani

Please ask your dentist to check the gum margins or go to a periodontist in your area (gum specialist) this problem could be because your implant is impinging on gingiva or you are not keeping good oral hygine. Use peridex or hexidine mouthwash regularly ,or take some metronidazole tablets or apply methronidazole gel in that area atleast six times daily.

Re: gum blistering at dental implant
by: Elaine

Thanks for the reply. The clinic's new staff have been worderful. I was given the option of root canal or removal. I chose removal, as root canal is never an option for me.

It turns out that there was substantial infection, thus the taste in my mouth as it was constantly draining. I'm very pleased now that it is healing well, infection gone, not much pain associated with the procedure and minimal cost as initial work was done at the same clinic (although by dentist who no longer works there).

by: Val M.

I am under the impression that all dental implants are placed where a tooth is removed. Wouldn't all of the roots be removed at the same time that the tooth needing the dental implant is removed?

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