Gum growing over healing caps.

by Demos
(London UK)

Lower 4 healing screws/caps

Lower 4 healing screws/caps

Gum growing over healing caps. Is this normal?:

I had 8 impants in March 2011 (4 upper front and 4 lower front of mouth)

I recently had the 8 healing screws or caps or whatever you call them put in to my gums on wednesday (2 days ago) and today I have noticed that I can see my gums growing over these flat titanium caps that were all visible in my mouth. Now I cant even see one of them anymore as my gum has completely covered the cap on my lower front of my mouth and I have bits of flesh forming around the caps.

Is this normal for the gum to start growing over the caps like this?

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by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Demos,

It's very normal for gum tissue to cover implants after they have been placed surgically. Before the abutments are installed, your implant specialist will "uncover" the implants so that the crowns can be placed.

Please be sure to clean properly and as directed by your implant specialist. If any type of gingivitis or other infection occurs, your gums may swell abnormally and cause problems with healing.

It's normal
by: dr farhan durrani

They are healing caps, just let tissue grow ,but maintain good oral hygiene.

not to worry NEW
by: Johnson

I think this is normal and if there is pain you need to consult with the dentist. If there is any issue with the crown such issues can occurhow to fix internet explorer on windows 8. Once the gum cover the surface completely the bleeding will get stopped.

Get it Done Fast!! NEW
by: Manny Hart

This is something you will have to work out pretty fast. The reason the gum grows beyond the closing caps is that the caps were not of home watch caregivers the proper size. I think you will have to re-do everything now.

Gum growing over healing caps. NEW
by: dissertations world

When this occurs, usually it has no adverse effect on the success of implantation. The role of the gum tissue to guide the shape and form. The healing cap can easily be changed to a taller one.

by: Anonymous

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