Have #26 bridge attached to #24 and #25 implants

by tamuna


I have two implants on the upper jaw #24 and #25. #25 required bone graft but no membrane was used. In 4 months I will have the crowns connected to the implants.

The problem is that I am also missing #26 where the implant was not possible as during operation (on 24-25) my dentist discovered that bone structure around #26 was very poor.

Question 1: I'm thinking maybe I'll have #26 bridge attached to #24 and #25 implants (thus not touching 27), Is it possible?

Question 2: Does X-ray show the quality of the bone? It's strange that my dentist only figured it out during the operation that #26 needed bone grafting. couldn't he see that when looking at the x-ray?

Thanks a million!

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Implant Bridge NEW
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Tamuna,

Yes, dental implant bridges are definitely a possibility and are very common. For multiple missing teeth, sometimes a fewer number of implants are used and then a bridge is placed between them to replace multiple teeth. This depends on the location of the teeth as well as the bone health supporting the implant, and whether or not it can withhold the extra pressure that a bridge might place on it.

I am sorry to hear about the poor bone health that was discovered during the procedure. It may be that your dentist suspected it was marginally qualified for a candidate location, but once he was in the area and saw it he decided he ought not to have you waste the investment because it would be prone to failure after all. A bridge would be your best option in this case.

tooth 26 fixed on the edge only (with implants 24 and 25) NEW
by: Tamuna

Thanks so very much for the answer!

Size of my 24 and 25 implants is 3.5-12 and 4.0-10 respectively (if I'm not wrong).

So in around 4 months after having my implants done, hopefully I can get 26 tooth attached on 24-25?

Thanks very much!


Attached Bridge NEW
by: Sharon B., RDH

Only your dentist or implant specialist will be able to determine if they think the bone and spacing is appropriate enough to support the bridge, but I don't think it will be too much of a problem.

bridge on the side NEW
by: Tamuna

Thanks very much for your answers!!!

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by: raton

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