Have a gap behind the crown

by Sarah

I had a crown fitted a couple of years ago on a top tooth (4th from front on the right)! I recently had a bridge fitted on the bottom and as there had been no tooth I had been using the crowned tooth to chew when eating. The crown then shifted!

I mentioned this to the the dentist when he fitted the bridge and he said it'l settle down when the bridge is fitted! I now have a gap behind the crown (I can wiggle my fingernail in it) and it is really rough on my tongue....I can't help but mess with it! The crown looks fine from the front and is not wobbly at all! Just big gap at the back!

I think my gum has receded to cause the problems! My mum has told me not to panic and it's normal! I think my dentist hasn't taken me seriously but I am worried!

Any advice would be appreciated!

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Crown Shifting
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Sarah,

The tooth may have slightly shifted in order to bite more accurately against the bridge. Remember that when your crown was made, it was made to fit against the teeth the way it was at that time. As long as your crown is not mobile, there should not be any reason to be alarmed.

When teeth shift and leave spaces, it is extremely important to floss around them daily (you should be doing this anyway, but it's even more important for areas that can pack food). This helps the gums to stay healthy around the tooth and prevent gum recession. If the gums have already receded slightly, flossing regularly will help prevent further recession. Remember that brushing aggressively or picking at areas can cause the gums to recede even more. Always use a soft toothbrush and keep the floss against the tooth while sliding under the gumlines.

More advice needed .... Sorry!
by: Sarah

Thanks for your advice! I think you are right in that it has shifted which has caused the gap to appear at the back if i am right? The tooth behind this (5th one from front) has a large White filling! This tooth prior to the bridge had nothing to bite against for 6 months whilst the gum healed now feels weakened.....sounds hard to explain! It isn't a pain...more a dull pressure....I have a slight bite misalignment causing that tooth to be the one which first bites down! I am currently recovering from eye surgery so have a lot of pain on my right side of my face so I am thinkingthat I am clnching my teeth at night due to the pain causing the pressure on the tooth! It isn't a sharp pain and isn't sensitive at all! I am brushing regularly and using mouthwash after every meal! I rang the dentist to get my bite fixed but have to wait a month :( I am so scared of losing teeth it is untrue!

Thanks for any more advice!

Follow Up
by: Sharon B., RDH

I don't know why this would be something you would lose a tooth over. Other than the conditions I already described, unless there is active gum disease it is just one of those conditions that you have to learn to adapt to having. Having the filling replaced to fill in the gap would just lead to other problems because it would harbor build up underneath it.

by: Sarah

Thanks for putting my mind at rest! Much appreciated!!

reply NEW
by: Manda

It is very natural that you are having a tendency to mess with the crown if there is a gap between the crown and the teeth. I think there are provisions to fill the gap and you will be able to get rid of it easily. Beverly Diamonds Complaints

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