Hawley retainer or Invisalign?

I have to get a retainer in March of 2012, but I don't need braces. I was wondering if retainers hurt and how long you have to wear them if you don't need braces, just the retainer?

I was also wondering if there is and orthodontist in wentzville that offers patterned Hawley retainers? (like rainbow or hearts or bows or something colorful, besides just the regular plain colors). BTW I'M A GIRL SO KEEP THAT IN MIND WHILE YOUR ANSWERING THESE QUESTIONS....

Another question that I wanted to know was should I get a Hawley retainer or Invisalign? I was gonna go with the Hawley because I heard that Invisalign is just as expensive as braces.

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by: Sharon B., RDH


Hawley retainers can be made in all sorts of designs, it just depends on what your orthodontist orders for their dental materials. Give them enough notice and they can order anything.

A "clear" retainer is similar to Invisalign aligners but is just a clear acrylic retainer that is worn instead of a Hawley retainer. My first retainer was a Hawley and I eventually switched to a clear one so that I could use it as a bleaching tray as well.

Invisalign braces are braces. They are a series of alignment trays worn for a few weeks and then changed out to the next in the series. Yes, they are just as or more expensive than traditional braces.

I can't answer your question about how long to wear a retainer when you don't need braces, because I don't know why someone would need a retainer for a non orthodontic or esthetic reason. However, if you have had braces and then need to wear a retainer, you should wear it about 12 hours a day every day. My braces have been off for over 10 years and I still have to wear a retainer a few nights a month.

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by: Sophia

I think it is better to use the Hawley retainer instead of using invisalign. There will be pain only for two to three days, after that it will be alright and you can adjust with that. Consult a good dentist and after that take a decision. B&G sprayer

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