Headache 3 days after implants

by margaret
(Lanoka harbor, ocean)

My husband had 3 dental implants 2 days ago. Upper front Right side . He never complained of much pain. He refused even a Tylenol. Now he is complaining of pain frontal lobe over eyebrow left side. He took a percocet that the doctor ordered. should I be concerned?

Could it be a emboli?

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Tough to answer

This question is tough to answer! Please show it to your dentist - he is the best judge also get a good CT-scan done if required.
Best of luck

by: Fred Smith

No one is discussing the problem that a person can be allergic to anything. ...Airline exhaust, EMF waves from cell phone towers, the floride in toothpast can do weird things to our bones...the problem is fining a dentist or doctor with the patience and skill to help the hapless patient who trusted that implants were safe. When things go wrong, few dentists want to take over and make things right. Do you want to be the lab rat they experiment on? Consider a removable dental bridge. These are durable and you can take them out at night...Good luck finding anyone who will do they for you, however...and dentists seldom give you this option.

You say only 2% have trouble...who keeps this data? Which dental school compiles this research? Who is the actual lead researcher for these statistics? When dealing with your fragile jaw bone (which is more fragile than you think, one only has so many passes on tissue and tooth material.

Has anyone compiled data about the inflammation to the brain as caused by dental implants...Inflammation so close to the brain MIGHT potentially lead to Alzheimer's or Parkinson's Disease. No one seems to ever think of this and I suspect poor dentistry is much more involved with brain inflammation than most researchers have ever questioned...dental people can't seem to get out of the box and question if something is safe. It's the blind leading the blind in my opinion and I have plenty of reason to call the dental industry up on the carpet...so buyer beware! The scary thing is....you don't know which greedy dentist to trust. Due your dilience people....or you will be sorry. Contact dental researcher at leading dental schools. Read, read, read.

Please explain
by: Anonymous

I have been told that I need dental implants.
I have heard that it can lead to Alzheimers and that at the UVA Hospital they are treating 15 people who have developed this disease from impants.
Dentist I have spoken with and the endo I am currectly using, say not true. There is no proof of this.

What is a removal dental bridge, and how will that prevent bone loss as I am being told is the big problem. Thank you so much Sue

Similar problem NEW
by: Anonymous

After 3 months with a temporary glued in I am getting slight headache all of sudden on side where the 3 tooth temp bridge was glued in.. ..Along with inner gum irritation in the temporary teeth area. Had no problem before this? Not sure whether to wait or get it examined?

headack after new implants NEW
by: Anonymous

Can anyone tell me if this a normal thing or common thing my dentist is in Costa Rica and difficult to contact.

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