Healing Abutment Vs Crown Abutment

by Dena Howard
(Milford, Delaware)

Healing abutment vs crown abutment -
About a 1 1/2 years ago I had an implant placed in my 2nd molar in the upper left side of my mouth. A healing abutment was placed of course (The top side of which was wide and flat. The screw part wide in diameter.)

The healing abutment was removed and replaced with the 1st crown and abutment eight months ago. The whole piece was very loose and the crown ended up popping off about a week later. I had thought at that time that the screw was loose because it was of a smaller diameter than the healing abutment. I still think this.

A second crown and abutment was put in using permanent cement but the "tooth" still had a little play to it when complete. It has been less than eight months and the screw and crown have fallen out. Any suggestions here? And is it really that complicated to get a proper abutment fitting? The healing abutment was wider and so much more secure. I am tempted the just keep a healing abutment and forget about any crown! Is this a possible solution?

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Threads Inside Implant
by: Dr Farhan Durrani

Ask your dentist to contact the company representative of the implant used in your mouth, they might suggest remedy for your case.
By your description ,it seems like the implant threads (where the abutment or healing screw is tightened -inside the implant) are at fault.

It is tough to decide now as implant has osseointegrated but I have never heard a case like this,please get it evaluated by representatives of the implant used in your mouth

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In my opinion crown abutment is the right way to go. I had severe pain and didn’t know what to do. I absolutely had no idea about the procedures that were involved in crown abutment. But I was pretty much confident. EMR

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