Healing Screw came off


I had written in on 12-18-10 about a screw that had come out of a new implant that I had just started on 11-3-10. It was nothing to panic about being it was just the healing cap that covers the actual implant. The dentist places it on to keep the gum from growing over it. I have another follow up on 1-5-11 and they said all is fine until then.


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Please don?t worry

by: Anonymous

Have had screws to keep falling out. Seems the bite is not correct and keeps working the screws loose
About ready to have them removed and go back to dentures! The lower implants are ok. The upper was at on time all one piece but kept coming loose and they had to cut it into. Upper right is the problem. After spending $40k it should be right. To say I am pissed is an understatement!

mine too-- what to do? NEW
by: Anonymous

Five days ago in Santo Domingo got one implant 5 or 6 teeth from front, on upper level. This morning I found something on my pillow (it was stuck to the back of my head actually) and only later did it occur to me that it might be the abutment. How can I know? It is a drumlike cyclinder with one small hole on one side and one larger hole on the other. I still have it though it is not clean anymore. Should I keep it?

If it is an abutment, will it be necessary to add a new one as soon as possible? or can it wait? Will that be more expensive? (I am in NYC now and yes cost is a concern)--I suppose I would rather not spend any more money now and wait if that wont compromise the implant. Or is popping it back in super easy?

God willing this is not the actual implant that fell off! Dont know why it fell....I was not given antibiotics only oral rinse and anti inflammatory... felt just fine after operation butmay have a low grade feverl now... any advice?

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