Hole in gum above implanted tooth

I have a small hole I just noticed in my gums right above my implanted tooth. It kind of hurts.
what could this be?

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Hole In Gum
by: Sharon B., RDH

This hole you mention could be any number of conditions. If the implant was placed close to the outside of the bone, it could be an area where the gums were punctured, exposing the implant, however I don't believe that would probably be the case. It sounds more like an ulceration or an abscess. If it is an abscess then your dentist will need to treat the infected tooth with a root canal and prescribe an antibiotic. You need to have this taken care of as soon as possible so that it does not complicate your implant.

nothing to worry NEW
by: Gimley

It is not a big issue if it known soon. The more the whole stays the more chance of decays to happen. As long as things are done by a doctor who has the experience things would be ok for you. Telesteps

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