Hole right in my jaw almost to the bottom of my nasal passages

by gary k

I am 53 and had my top front bicuspid(tooth 9 I believe) broken at age 14. Previously had gone through everything with caps and rebuilds and eventually got root canal about 10 years ago.

I went to the dentist about a year ago and they found something under the tooth and suggested going to dental surgeon. They said I had infection, they then performed an Apico. Shortly afterwards I had a 'pus packet' in the roof of my mouth. He suggested removing the tooth and implant. so he pulled tooth, cleaned out and filled in with bone graft.

When I went back for check up he did CAT scan and now we saw a literal hole right in my jaw almost to the bottom of my nasal passages. it was about a 1/4 inch round. This was not visible in Xrays. It almost seems lucky that he found the hole with the CAT scan because he had just got the piece of equipment and was probably one of his first patients he used it on.

I have been trying to understand if I should be worried or might this be 'common'. This almost sounds like it is out of the dental surgeons league.

Next Wednesday I have an appointment for him to drill from the roof of my mouth, clean out and put bone graft in. this sounds like me like we are just plugging up the infection again.

any thoughts

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Hole In Jaw
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Gary,

The "hole" that you mention may just be a residual scar in the bone left from the active infection that you had in the past. When a cyst or infection is present for a long time, it causes a disturbance in the bony tissue. Oral surgeons are extremely well educated as they hold both MD and DDS licenses, so this type of physician is exactly the one you want to see for this type of condition. It does sound like it's residual bone scarring, so I would expect the bone graft to be just what you need in order to "close up" the "hole" near your sinus.

reply NEW
by: Denny

I am so astonished to hear that there is a hole in your jaw that is so deep to reach the bottom of the nasal passages. I would like to know if you are under any prescription medication as some of the drugs can lead to issues like this. more

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