How long can you get an implant put in...

by Gina

How long can you get an implant put in?
Around four years ago I had a tooth pulled and have a space. Is it too late to get an implant?

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Dental Implant Placement after years
by: Anonymous

Even if the tooth has been extracted for some time, it may still be possible to place an implant. There are many factors to consider, as your doctor will tell you, but the important considerations are:
1. Quality of bone - without good support you cannot place an implant. Sometimes the bone will resorb (disappear) over time and you will not be able to place an implant without bone reconstruction.
2. Sufficient space between neighboring teeth - Over time your teeth may shift to fill in the gap. If an implant is required but there is insufficient space, even for a narrow implant, you may require orthodontic work first.
3. Other anatomical considerations- There may be a nerve or sinus which would make implant placement difficult. However, most obstacles can be overcome if necessary.

As always, your doctor should let you know your options, or refer you to a specialist for further recommendations.

three years NEW
by: steverik

Yes mine too it got pulled off after three years. Everyone said it was the mistake of my doctor. Then I went to him and said my condition. He was like no way there is now way this would happen. So I assured that it must have be his mistake.beverly diamonds complaints

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