How Long For A Dental Implant?

by mellissa coleman
(chicago, ill USA)

Hello, i wanted to know how long will it take for the implant to be ready. Also i wanted to know how much one implant costs.

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Dental Implant Healing Time And Cost
by: JP

Dental Implant Healing Time And Cost are two questions that can vary greatly based on the procedure.

I assume you mean healing time, because if you've looked around on this site or done some research you will see that implant surgery is often done in two steps, placement and then restoration.

I am not sure what you mean by "ready" but the time between is often 3-6 months. During that time the implant will be hidden beneath the gums, while the bone is growing into it to form a secure bond. This bone growth/bonding process is called osseointegration.

There are alternate methods that can reduce the waiting time. Essentially whenever the implant is stable inside the bone, the crown can be installed. ALl things being considered, it is best to wait to ensure the implant is as stable as possible before you load it.

For an overly simple comparison, if you put a swingset in concrete, you probably want to wait for the concrete to completely set before you swing on it, even if it's technically stable enough a few hours later.

Cost varies based on many things, especially location and the individual doctor. A location with higher cost of living will likely be more expensive. Just like any medical procedure, a specific doctor will choose his price structure based on how he wants to position himself in the market. Charging less does not necessarily mean the process will be "cheaper".

When price-shopping, remember there will be several office visits, and you will likely pay separately for the implant placement and subsequent restoration. Be sure to get all the charges in advance and be careful. For example, you don't want to save a bundle on the first part and get a huge bill for the second because you signed a contract to stay with the same doctor.

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