How long without a front tooth

by Nell

My upper front tooth has been treated with a root canal two times and does not have a crown. The tooth is now fractured and is extremely sensitive. I've been told there is no way to save it. After it is extracted will I be without a front tooth for 6 months while waiting on the healing process for an implant?

I am a 47 year old woman and I really don't want to be without it when I have to be out in the public.

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You have to wait ,for good osseointegration
by: Dr Farhan Durrani

Ask your dentist to give you a bridge or rpd.
If you want an implant as prosthesis, you have to wait ,for good osseointegration (bonding of implant to bone), ask dentist to give you a resin retained prosthesis for the time being.

by: Randolph

I had a similar case with tooth #8. It fractured after a root canal.
So, they extracted the tooth and put immediately a removable flipper covering the hole.
The inconvenience is that normally you can't eat with the flipper. Notwithstanding, for your normal activities, nobody will ever suspect or know you are missing a tooth. After the implant, I kept using my flipper for 8 months until
the implant was completely adhered to the bond(osseointegration). Now, my crown was installed and I have a beautiful dental work done. I am really happy with it and I understand the concerns of that patient.

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