How soon should I complete all of the implant procedure?

A bone grafting was done last August, 2010. My dental surgon finally put a healing cap on Monday (January 10, 2011). On Wednesday (January 12, 2011), I visited my regular dentist. He found another cavity between other teeth. He suggested that I should fix that cavity first. He also said, I can probably complete my implant (permanent abutment and crown) at the beginning of the next year (January 2011).

Is it true? I would appreciate if someone gives me advice. Thank you.

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Implants at the upper jaw
by: Anonymous

Is it upper or lower jaw?
Implants at the upper jaw will require a longer healing period , can be up to six month ... so it is not too long of a time for the placement and restoration if it's the case of grafting and implant placement in the upper.
I think you should trust the doctor's judgment or ask him for more info..
best of luck .m

All on 4
by: Leo

I have had all my teeth removed 25 years ago and have worn dentures ever since, I am confused as to which way to go there are All on 4 being advertised and I have a CT scan and a meeting with a company in melbourne to check bone loss this will happen in 2 weeks.

I have tried to research this All on 4 system it is cheaper than the other ways I have heard of but is it good ?

It also says they need to be changed every 5 to 8 years is this rigt ??



Implants done in India
by: Leo

My good friend just had * teeth replaced via Implants done in India the city name is Cochin also he had all his other teeth crowned . They look great and the price is right, has anyone else had teeth done in India ?

I appreciate any feedback .. The doctors name is Dr Thomas !

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