How to restore Porcelain Crown of Implant

by Rakesh Aggarwal

How to restore Porcelain Crown of Implant

Dear Dentist,

I got an impant done for one tooth in lower left side jaw three years back in my home country, India. Impant was done successfully and it had been working well so long. Last week, I had the poreclain crown chipped off, with part of the abutment exposed. How do I restore or replace the broken crown. The implant is tightly in place and I am not having any pain but the broken crown shows when I open my mouth. I am not comfortable with broken crown as my tounge keeps going in that area. I want to know if there is any procedure to restore the broken crown without removing the implant. If so, how much that could cost and where I can get it done. Any suggestion or advice is welcome.

Rakesh Aggarwal

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Chipped Crown NEW
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Rakesh,

Chipped crowns are one of those annoying things that are not able to be repaired, so if it has chipped only to where it bothers your tongue, your dentist can smooth it out for you. That is, if it doesn't look bad when you smile. If you are ok with how it looks, then smoothing out the rough area will probably be fine.

Otherwise, if the chip is large enough or unsightly, you will want to have the crown replaced completely. Your dentist will do this for you and take an impression of the abutment so that a custom fitted crown can be created for you. It will be sent off to a lab and then permanently cemented, hopefully lasting a lot longer than the first one did!

Good luck,

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