how to take a temporary filling out

by Angel

I bought some temporary filling yesterday and I followed directions. The thing is I think I put it in too tightly because it is hurting my tooth now that it has hardened. I need to know how do I take it out and re-do it over again..

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by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Angel,

You may be feeling pressure because the tooth could be abscessing and looking for an area for the infection to drain. Over the counter temporary filling is only meant to get you through until you can get in to see your dentist, no longer. It's great if you're out of town on vacation and are seeing your dentist the same day you get back.

Your dentist can remove this packing for you. Please call them for a check-up immediately to make sure there is not a more severe condition that requires treatment such as a root canal.

No MOney for dentist NEW
by: Anonymous

I need a better quicker answer as i have no money for the dentist and this temporary filling is hurting something fierce. please someone have a solution to break down the filling or something. I know i may need a root canal but how the heck am i gonna pay for it?

going through the same NEW
by: Anonymous

I'm going through the same thing. I've had mine in for about a month because I'm broke and can't afford dentist to have the broken tooth removed. Now I'm in tears and searching how to remove it. But I'm afraid it may hurt worse by trying to remove it and exposing the nerves

nice NEW
by: Rosket

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Matthew NEW
by: Anonymous

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Help NEW
by: Anonymous

Did anyone have a soulution on how to get out temp filling??

Let's experiment ... NEW
by: Anonymous

I'm about to try chewing gum, let you guys know here shortly

Don't do what i done! NEW
by: Matt

I tried taking my temporary filling out using a sewing pin and it actually worked but i think i may have hit a nerve or something and now Im in more pain than before

Mabey this helps.......... NEW
by: Anonymous

I do NOT suggest taking it out on your own. Personally I went to the dentist today and after explaining to her the pain I was going through, and why I had to fill it on my own. She said it was okay to fill it but not ok removing it on my own she said due to my case I need a root canal so with holes in your teeth anyone can easily expose or expose more of a nerve or nerves. My aadvice would be have a dentist do it.

Same boat NEW
by: Anonymous

I've been to the dentist and its been almost a week of pain while waiting for them to do something! They said that they thought they could do a root canal, but now they're just going to pull it...but now I have to wait another week before they do. The putty hurts so bad so I started youtubing home tooth extraction and I'm thinking that can't hurt nearly as bad as it has been. I really wish there was more info on how to loosen this temporarily filling..

Over the counter temp filler removal NEW
by: Anonymous

I used dentex as a temp filler until dentist was back open after bank holidays. Needed to remove it as it caused pain.
After trying with toothpick with no avail, in sheer desperation I applied toothpaste to a cotton bud and left for a few moments.
My tooth was very sore so I just kept applying toothpaste and gently rubbing with the cotton bud. After a while the temp filler came away when I brushed with a soft toothbrush.
Hope this helps.

Same issue NEW
by: Anonymous

I put wayyyy to much putty in it was causing so much pain and pressure. I took dental flossy and flossed next to the tooth but putting pressure towards the putty and pulling down... I fell 1000x better!

How I removed it NEW
by: Anonymous

I used poroxid and a pimple extractor

Help to take it out NEW
by: Jessica

Can anyone please tell me what’s going’s on iv had it in for no longer then two days and my tooth as started stinging out of no where feels like so much pressure 😭

Remove temp filling NEW
by: Kay

Hey guys been there done that😓😰😫....I just take a toothpick our a safety pin and pry at it carefully till it loosen up U just have to be careful doing it.... hope this work for u.

i use dentek temp filler all the time NEW
by: Anonymous

i use a metal dental pick to scrape out the hardened filler. take some pain meds beforehand. ive hit a nerve before nearly passed out. but it works. i replace tge dentek once every few weeks.

Why Do the Masses Still Struggle for Dental Care? NEW
by: Robert F

First off, thank you Kay for sharing your method for alleviating what—according to the lack of information online—is a seldomly answered question: How to remove a filling that is causing pain.

It amazes and frustrated me severely that as advanced as countries like the United States of America are, there are still droves of individuals suffering in excruciating agony because dental care is downright unaffordable for the average citizen. And don't be confused, many other countries offer free, heavily discounted or even just everyday low-priced dental services.

Tooth health is vital to health in general, and emergency/unavoidable operations should be covered by taxes collected.

by: Anonymous

Thanks to everyone who commented so far. Reading this gave me the courage to make a better effort to get my own temporary filling out.

I used a metal dental pick and at first, I just scraped the top VERY GENTLY. It was hard to be patient but just keep gently doing this until the surface of the filling starts to break you get further in it should start breaking up more easily and bigger chunks should start coming out.

After that, try rinsing with salt water or mouthwash and maybe peroxide and water.

Good Luck!

Safely Removing your dentek temporary fillin NEW
by: DarleneDeals

Please use caution when doing this. If possible have someone help you.Find an object that you can scrape with..i used a knife tip and then a dentek stick with a hook on one side. I gently began to scrape the cement. I know you may be hurting but it's not a race. As you scrape the cement will literally start to melt. You will have urges to spit. Do so when your mouth fills up. If you have a responsible person there have them help you. Gentle strokes back and forth. For me once I started scraping my pain went away. Not kidding. The top was the hardest then the bottom was a piece of cake to remove. It came out in on piece! Hallelujah. I Oil Pulled with Coconut oil after and I have not had pain in over 7 hours. The dentek is just meant for temp use. If you go overboard you may get a flare up and severe pain..the dentek puts pressure on your gums and if you get infected, you will not feel relief until you get it out. If you do decide to try this I am not responsible for any injuries or fatalaties..haha...just be careful silly! I really do hope you feel better soon. Once you get it out please watch your sugar intake, that increases inflammation which will make you hurt more. Brush 2 times a day & rinse your mouth everyone you eat. Leaving food in your pieces of feed between your teeth will cause more decay, bad breath & trigger pain! Ugh!!!!

Relief NEW
by: Anonymous

This comment is for the woman who suggested using toothpaste and cotton balls to gentle remove the filling. It worked great. Thank you so much! I feel so much better! I also used bubblegum, and if it's a shallow filling, this will work as well. Thanks again.

Toothpaste and cotton wool NEW
by: Anonymous

Thank you sooo much !!!! I tried tooth paste and cotton wool and it worked the filling just dropped out :)

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