I am considering the biohorizon implant

by Dan
(santa ana CA USA)

I am considering the biohorizon implant product because of low cost.
Is it a good implant product?
How is it compared to nobel or innovation or strauman?
please give scale 1 to 10.
Is there any foresse problem with this product?


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Bio Horizon
by: dr farhan durrrani

It is one of the best implant companies please go ahead I will give them 8/10 grade

what would you give 9/10 or 10/10 NEW
by: Bunts72

I ma also considering Biohorizon but have heard that Struaman are the best from the point of fusing (bone to implant)

What woould you give Straumann

biohorizons NEW
by: dr dubravica

what is the price for biohorizons implants in USA ?

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