I am not a heavy smoker

by Sam

I am not a heavy smoker but I used to be for about 30 years.Now I am used to smoke just 5-7 light and filter cigaretes in a day max.Anyway recently I have been told by my dentist to place about ten implants since I have already lost my original teeth cause of side effects of a necessary drug that I had to take.My dentist says 5 cigaretes per day is not too dangerouse for doing implant procedures if I observe the cleaning and brushing rules about healthy of tooth.

is it right?

Furthermore I have heard that the processes of recovery and healing after the surgey for implant take about six months,my question is that if smoking is contraindication during this period or the healing you have to avoid and stop it till end of your life? I mean if I stop smoking before implant process and get them successfully along with healing the tissues of gums etc. ,thereafter can I smoke again at this low level or not?

I know it is a good idea to stop smoking forever but at present time it is hard to me to think about stoping the smoke forever.
Please help me to make a decision with respect to my little history.

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Smoking and Implants
by: DR. MN6975

Smoking can harm the integrity of dental implants and cause them to fail more often than in a nonsmoker. Smoking negatively affects blood flow to the bone and tissues surrounding the gums and teeth, which impairs bone healing. Implants fail because of a failure to integrate with the surrounding bone tissues. In short, Smoking should be avoided following implant procedures.

but a smoker nonetheless... NEW
by: Anonymous

the first response is not helpful at all...

I have had my first attempt at implants fail, two of them, and I was smoking heavily during the entire procedure. I had the implants re-installed one week ago and have not smoked since.

I have been trying to answer the same question as you, and all I have been able to glean is that it is best to stop smoking completely for a week or more before the initial implant surgery, then to try to abstain from smoke for 6 to 8 weeks so the implant can bond with your gums.

Hope this helps, this stuff sucks to deal with.

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