I experience pain when I bite and chills throughout my head...

Following an Endopore implant by a surgeon i had an abutment and crown placed by my dentist. I continue to bite the inside of my cheek even though it has been "adjusted" I also experience pain when I bite and chills throughout my head. The thing just does not feel normal.

I have another implant on the opposite side of my jaw for years with no complaints whatever. what could be causing the discomfort here? I had no sinus lift, by the way and was told the implant is perfect!

Ms. Beck, patient

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Please ask your dentist to remake the crown with proper occlusion check very soon

follow up on implant question
by: Anonymous

what is an occlusion check?

occlusion test
by: JP

Occlusion is the alignment of your teeth when your jaws come together. If the teeth touch that is said to be "in occlusion." If they do not touch, they are called "out of occlusion."

An occlusion check will test which teeth and where they come into contact with each other. In relation to implants, a crown that is made too tall may change the way you bite down, causing strain in the muscle and possible pain.

Still Hurting
by: Anonymous

He is refusing!
He told me to go back to the surgeon who already told me it's the crown bite (like you have). Dentist has adjusted bite over and over while it's still in my mouth. what should i do?

by: Anonymous

so for a new implant you want the new tooth to be out of oclusion. I was thinking, even if you make the tooth really short, aren?t you still hitting it while you chew? Maybe it won?t hit other teeth but you?re still bumping it. Isn?t that still bad?

Dental issues NEW
by: Dennis

Once the crown is placed on the infected teeth all the veins from that particular teeth will become inactive. I don’t think that the implant is perfect and there may be slight modification is needed. ICD 10 Transition

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