I had moved my teeth during the initial impression?

by Suzy

Hello. Have had full removal of top teeth set on Tuesday last week. I had 4 posts sunk into my top jaw. The previous week I had upper and lower impressions taken for fitting of temp bridge.

My problem came Friday afternoon when the fitting of the bridge was done. The bridge was too narrow for my mouth and would NOT fit over my remaining bottom teeth. They were twisted to the one side of my nose, protruding front wards (huge overbite that I never had before) the wrong shape front teeth.

After speaking to the care team on Friday evening they arranged for the bridge to be removed on Saturday morning at the surgery. I had a phone call from the care team yesterday evening telling me that it was probably my fault that the bridge didn't fit correctly as I had moved my teeth during the initial impression. They now require me to drive to the lab - some 45 miles from my home on Monday morning to get the bridge remeasured and remade.

I have been fighting to save my teeth from gum disease for the last 27 years and thought this was going to be the answer to my prayers. At the cost of some £8,250. Is it possible that that will happen, I have had 8-10 different impressions taken over the last 20 years or so and have never had a problem like this. They are doing their utmost to put it right, but I feel as if I'm being made the scapegoat for someone else's mistake.

The teeth did not even look like mine, my husband thought they were joke ones fitted over the top - no joke.

A little advise needed here before the battle commences tomorrow. Thank you

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Go Down Fighting NEW
by: Diane C

Here in America we would probably be hunting a lawyer to initiate a lawsuit instead of letting them put the blame on us for a poor impression. If the impression wasn't right, shouldn't they have known that at the time? I've had dentists to redo impressions because they were not satisfied with the initial one. My advise is DO NOT let them put the blame on you.

Tooth Movement NEW
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Suzy,

It is not possible to move your teeth while an impression is being taken. The impression itself could have been messed up by the practitioner, but when it is initially taken it is always inspected to make sure the appropriate areas were impressed. What COULD have happened is that your impression was allowed to dry out and shrunk before the model was poured. This is most likely the problem. If the impression was not kept wet or poured in a timely manner, the size and shape of the mouth would not be appropriate.

Otherwise it sounds like the lab did a very poor job at matching the bridge to your occlusion. If your dentist still has the impression he should be able to look at it to see what the real problem was.

One thing is for sure...you'll need a new bridge that fits right, or else for your dentist or the lab to show you why the current one DOES fit right, and why it was made that way, based on diagnostic models.

reply NEW
by: Cane

I am so sorry to hear that you have moved your teeth during the initial imprinting. This will affect the shape of your implant badly and the implant may not feel comfortable for you. I hope you have rectified the problem by now. golden age cheese

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