I have a denture and would like an implant done?

by Leigh
(swansea, wales.)



I'm 19 years of age, and I had my four front teeth knocked out. At the moment I wear a denture and can't get use to the feel of it. I would like to have dental implants because i heard they feel like your REAL teeth.

I was wondering what do they feel like having done? I really want them done, but i feel that they might hurt or something after-wards.
thank you.

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Get Implants For Replacement Of Denture

Get implants for replacement of denture ,they are the best substitutes. You will have natural feeling. Just go to well an experienced implant dentist as bone in trauma induced maxilla or mandible with long wear of denture: The bone present will be thin ,so implant planning should be very methodical ,the rest is all hassle free.

Dental Implants
by: Anonymous

I would definitely recommend implants. I got mine done a couple of years ago with ww.dentistabroad.co.uk and they feel completely natural.

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