I have a wobbly (grade 2) 2nd molar

I have a wobbly (grade 2) 2nd molar bottom right. Pockets are 8mm. I am on antibiotics as I have an infection. On X-ray There is barely any visible bone between the bifurcation of the root. There is nothing wrong with the tooth.

I have had 3 visits per year to hygienist for the past 2 years- including pocket cleaning last August. I think I've had the infection since then. I've been offered two treatment options, cleaning with a cordisol capsule put on or having it pulled out.

Are there any other options?

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8mm Pockets NEW
by: Sharon B., RDH


I'm so sorry to hear about the severe bone loss and mobility that you have around your molar. Unfortunately you've almost exhausted all of the options for maintaining and keeping this tooth present in the mouth. The medication capsule could certainly buy you some time in keeping the tooth a little longer, and I would give that a shot before anything else.

Remember that periodontal (gum) disease spreads from tooth to tooth. You don't want to sacrifice surrounding teeth just because we're keeping one very infected tooth in the mouth. I think you're probably well on the oral hygiene side and preventing the spread of infection as you've been dedicated to seeing your hygienist regularly.

If you lose the tooth then an option may be to have bone grafting and a dental implant placed in this area.



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by: Shasha

It is better to pull out that tooth to avoid the decay of the surrounding bone as well as teeth infection. You have better to consult a good dentist and make the arrangements to pull out the tooth as soon as possible.
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