I have bad teeths

by Evaughnya Munroe.
(Nassau,The Bahamas )

When I was younger, people use to tell me that I have small teeth. So I started to force my teeth to come out so they can grow bigger. Unfortunately it only made it worse. Now I am 13 years old (female) and I can't smile without people noticing it. It's embarrassing to smile for me.

I go to the dentist twice a year and they never recommend braces for me. My teeth are small and very spacey. 4 of my teeth are missing for 2 or 3 years and haven't grown back yet. The moral to the story is that I want answers that can help me with my problem.

Do I have bad teeth?
Do I need braces or do I need false teeth?

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See another dentist
by: greeneyedgirl

Whatever you do, try to avoid dentures. You're very young and I think you need to get a second, and even a third opinion. I took my teeth for granted before I had them pulled, and now would give anything to have them back.

False teeth are not the answer unless you absolutely HAVE to!

reply NEW
by: Mania

I can understand how frustrated you are with your missing teeth. It can be difficult for you to smile at people with your missing and un arranged teeth. In my opinion, you will need to wait till you grow up to correct the issues with your teeth. Meaningful Use

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