I will most likely will have to get implants in the future

by wally

I still have my teeth but they are destroyed and crooked and stained. I will most likely will have to get implants in the future. Instead of just replacing a tooth here and there can I get all my teeth pulled and implants installed, and what is the time process is it done all at once.

Do they pull the teeth and install the implants the same time or do they have to pull them and let the gums heal then go back and install them. thanks

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Start getting opinions NOW
by: Diane Caviness

Do you mean that you want to put individual implants in for each of your teeth? That would cost a fortune, never mind how long you would haved to wait and heal. You need to start going to dentists now and get the teeth you have fixed, bleached, straightened or whatever it takes to keep them. Speaking from experience, nothing can ever replace or feel like your natural teeth and if you have the money for implants you should have the money to fix the one's you have.

Gum disease
by: Anonymous

I have gum disease and have a few teeth missing. however I also have bone lost. will dental implants help me even with my bone lost.

Future for your mouth
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Wally,

It's very normal for patients to come in and tell me the exact same thing that you're saying. Fortunately, the majority of the time they are expecting far worse for their teeth than is actually the true case. You may be able to save the majority of your teeth through fillings, whitening and braces. Nothing can replace a natural tooth, and dentists and hygienists recommend keeping them if at all possible.

That being said, it's not always possible to keep every tooth in your mouth. First have your dentist take a full mouth series of x-rays to evaluate every single tooth. If you have generalized severe gum disease, then your dentist may go ahead with your wishes of extracting all teeth at once.

Yes, there are types of implant dentures where they can place a mini implant and then the denture the same day. However, they will need the area to be healed that is going to hold the implant. There are dentures that can be placed immediately following an extraction, but those usually are not the ones that involve dental implants. You could possibly wear this "immediate" denture for a while, and when it is done healing and you are ready to invest in the implant denture, you can do that.

All on 4?
by: Dr. Seth Rosen

The best method today is called all on 4. The best case scenario is four implants with crown and bridge work to replace your missing teeth. In our area the price ranges from $12000-$40000 for each arch. If that is too much, you could have an overdenture made, which "clips" to 2 to 4 implants. This costs $2500-$5000 per arch.

by: Anonymous

I have a bridge at the front that spans over 4 false teeth and 2 on each side to hold it in place. my dentist wants to pull out all of my upper teeth and replace with a permanent denture, one that will be held in place with 4 screws. he said i do not have enough bone left to put in another bridge at the front or implants unless i have a bone graft done. cost is over 30K. So option 2 if a bone graft, wait 6 months and put in the screws and then cap all my upper teeth. or option one, pull out all my upper teeth and go home the same day with new teeth screwed in.

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